Marshals are required both Saturday (Practice) and Sunday (Practice and Race). New text

If you volunteer to marshal you will be paid, you will receive a packed lunch and a warm roll and coffee will be supplied around

Warm clothing is a must before you think about volunteering it may be nice in the pits area, but completely different on the hill. If you wish to marshal E-mail Jim Ross our Chief Marshal @

The basic requirements of a marshal are :- Blow your whistle as rider approaches your marshal point (this lets anyone on or near the track know that a rider is on track and approaching ).

Yellow Flag If a rider falls and you can see that he/she is ok and is getting back to their feet, put your yellow flag out until the track is clear. If the incident is above your point, then ask the marshal above you to put a yellow flag out. Remember to let them know when the track is clear.

Red Flag If a rider falls and does not seem to be able to get back to their feet and they are on the track, or in a dangerous position at the side of the track put your Red Flag out and let the chief marshal or chief comm know that you have a red flag  at your marshal point. Ask the rider if he /she requires a medic, if no and they just need a minute to get sorted,  then keep red flag out until rider and bike are clear of track, if yes then put call out for medic at your marshal point. The medics will respond telling you they are on their way and may ask you the nature of the injury so that they can get medical eqpt to your point quicker. If it is a serious injury and it may be some time before track is clear, keep the chief marshal informed and Remember let chief marshal or chief comm know when track is clear.

Take the number of any rider that is stopped by a red flag situation, let the chief comm know and tell rider to report to the cheif comm at the finish, or if they are stopped near the start tell them to push back up and report to the start comm  as they may be entitled to a re-run.

As you can see from the above text there is nothing difficult about marshaling and mostly common sense so we look forward to seeing many volunteers at our races in the future.

So get involved and get marshaling.