“ Access & Chairlift uplift.”


420 million years ago the magmatic plumbing of Lochaber triggered a massive volcanic eruption, resulting in a elliptical caldera ring fracture 16km long and 8 km wide.
From these early beginnings the first steps had been taken in creating a demanding and technical bike track on the Meall a Bhuiridh (Hill of the Roaring) at Glencoe . This game is older than you think!


Glencoe is a natural technical open race course. It was established by Dave Hutchens, Peter Pollock and the SDA in 2007 and has been a regular race venue since including the Scottish Championships. Is it just coincidence or fate that the course runs down the terrain of Coire Pollach!
Take the chair and wonder on your assent at the natural beauty created those millions of years ago. The dismount is the start, helmet strapped up and off you go. Loose rock seems to grow in size proportionally with decent and speed over the first bridge to a loop of fast berms and drop offs under and back through the chairlift cableway Hit the pedals with two rivers to ford along the Weasel Track turning sharp left your introduced to the increased gradient and views of the valley floor a thousand feet below.

A series of gravely berms and drop offs, bridge the river again turning right onto the slabs. Slicks when its dry, snow chains in the wet, getting it right is the hard part. Through the first chute ford the river again to Stihl Saw Rock and a steep turn and drop to further track twists into the second chute. Drop in steep and fast, tight berms and an open river crossing all in three car lengths, sweet when its right painful when its not. The gradient starts to ease as you cross back under the cableway with abusive words of encouragement from your fellow riders on the chair above, flow through the berms and hit the pedals for the jump, get the landing right and flow left onto the banked bridge (that river again) and hit the finish straight with all or anything that’s left. There was once a massacre in this Glen, you’ve just felt part of it!


Postal Address

Glencoe Mountain Resort
PH49 4HZ

Telephone: 01855 851226
01855 851 233

The nearest train station is:

Bridge of Orchy. For further information call the National Rail Enquiry Service on 0845 748 4950

Nearest Public Showers:

There are showers on site at Glencoe at £1.00 for 3 minutes and will be open when the cafe is open. Please keep them as clean and tidy as possible.


Camping is permitted at Glencoe and there is room for about 20 tents in a designated area. There is also an area for electric hook ups for caravans and motorhomes, but all of these areas must be pre-booked with the Resort Staff. There are 6 micro-lodges also available to book.

The midges are a nightmare!

Make sure you cover yourself in midge repellent. My repellent of choice is Avon Skin So Soft. If it rains, the wind speed is above 5mph or it’s hot and sunny they don’t come out to play. If they are out make sure you close up everything as they will have a rave / disco in your tent, van,car or motor home.

Police Station:

Glencoe Police Station
PH49 4HP
Telephone No: 01855 811222

Nearest Hospital:

Belford Hospital, Fort William
Belford Hospital
Belford Road
Fort William
Telephone No: 01397 702 481

Glencoe Riding in general:

If you are bringing other bikes with you then Glencoe is situated on the route of the West Highland Way. Stretching from Glasow to Fort William the West Highland Way is 94 miles long although you don’t have to do it all. From Glencoe the Bridge of Orchy is 11 miles south and Kinlochleven only 9 miles north; the southern route is the easier trial and the route north more technical with the infamous ‘Devils Staircase’ to tackle.

Petrol Stations:

Various along route to Glencoe including Tyndrum however there is a garage in Glencoe village which is about 8 miles away. The garage also stocks various basic essentials.