“ Access & Vehicle uplift”


Once the location of a Roman Marching Camp those early Mediterranean social workers would have appreciated the wealth of natural local building material, however their tracks were flat and straight and really never much good for mountain biking.


Undoubtedly the best natural hill to date in Scotland for mountain biking, terrain, material and facilities always make it a favourite with riders. A formidable series of tracks, ‘Make or Brake, Cresta, Gold and Matador’ are steeped in mountain bike history even before the emergence of downhill as an individual discipline. The tracks set off from the top of Plora Rig and have been built to include an eclectic mix of light rooted sections, jumps and berms.

The courses are all different every time with taping lines, taking a mix of all terrains available, natural loamy soil at the start to fast and loose hard packed sections, through fire breaks, road crossings and bridging dry stone walls. A fast straight finish line brings you into the heart of the finish and pits area.

With so many variations and tracks to pick from nobody can predict a route till race weekend. Where to this year? Wait and see. Always new, always challenging, always fun. Not to be missed.